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This annual event is held in September at Fleming Field Airport in South St. Paul, MN in honor of Robert Brown III.  All proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald house at St. Paul Gillette Children's Hospital.

"Robert was a Gillette patient so the RMH in the hospital was the one we frequented. RMH provides a sense of normalcy the hospital can not. Mostly in those unplanned and frightening times when hours turned into days, days to weeks, and months of being in the hospital. It’s not sterile or white but instead comfy and colorful.  Memories like a fresh cooked meal or the ability to grab a snack out of a fridge and not a vending machine is amazing. RMH provides the ability for the family to rest and try to take care of themselves while taking care of their loved one. The ability to be close, but sleep in a bed is often just what we needed.  We are so thankful for memories like these that provided us a positive opportunity to enjoy normalcy in not normal circumstances. Robert passed away in 2012 but the memories of him and our time at RMH live on. Thank you for all you do."- The Robert Brown III Family

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